Upgrades Planned - 2006-07-30
We are planning some upgrades to this server scheduled for Thursday the 3rd of August 2006, Downtime will start at approximately 10am MST, and may last up to several hours. Also note all accounts will be locked on August 1st to ensure all contents of each account are accurately moved.

Webmail - 2006-01-23
There is a new interface available for checking your webmail located at webmail.nosolution.net.

Web Statistics - 2005-12-02
All calculating of Web Statistics will be done on a 24-hour basis going forward instead of hourly.

The first priority is in serving pages, therefore calculating the statistics of traffic is not nearly as important so the generation will be reduced to once a day.

Email Access - 2005-04-20
Note: There will not be any pop3 email access for now.

You can connect to your mailbox through the provided webmail tool.

Pop3 access is available using ssl only. You can connect over port 995 by using ssl encyption in your email program. You can additionally send outgoing mail over port 587 if you have problems connection through the standard port 25.

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